Syllabus:Syllabus (B.E)
Syllabus (Master of Technology In Data Science)
Syllabus (Master of Technology In Software Engineering)


To be an outstanding education centre in Information Science and Engineering through excellence in teaching and research.


• To empower the graduates with domain specific knowledge, skill and creative thinking.

• To create wide angle exposure to the stakeholder on thrust areas.

• To prepare graduates with research and entrepreneurship attitude having high moral and ethical values.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Graduates will be able to :

• Provide solutions by applying knowledge and skills in the field of information science and engineering.

• Excel in their profession through creative thinking and continuous learning to cater societal needs.

• Function effectively in software development, research and entrepreneurship.

Dr. D.S Vinod

Dr. D.S Vinod






Head of the department: Dr. D S Vinod
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