1. To impart quality education based on in-depth and thorough understanding of fundamentals.
  2. To provide practical exposure for students to face global challenges.
  3. To facilitate R&D activities in the areas related to Electronics, Instrumentation and Biomedical Signal Processing.
  4. To encourage students to become Entrepreneurs.
  5. To develop both personal and technical skills of young engineers who will contribute to the development of society.


To produce professionally competent engineers to face the global challenges in the field of Electronics, Instrumentation and Biomedical signal Processing.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Excel in professional career in Electronics, Instrumentation and allied Engineering disciplines.
  2. Upgrade knowledge for technological advancement to use modern tools.
  3. • Exhibit leadership, team spirit and communication skills with commitment towards requirements of the society.


Head of the department: Dr. V. Udayshankara

Dr. V. Udayshankara

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