1) Examination Section

The Examination Section, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Autonomous foresee the requirements for radical reforms in conventional examination and evaluation system and work towards evolving a credible evaluation system that responds to the challenges and demands of students.

The system has adopted advanced technology to make easy interface for exchange of information.

· The section has formulated strategies for implementation of useful examination practices.
· Digital mode of examination evaluation is in operation which help faculty for faster evaluation and for speedy results
· Provides guidelines for students and staff about the do’s and don’ts of the examinations.
· Coordinates with all other higher and regulatory agencies to ensure credibility and stability to examination system.
· Implement autonomy; promote excellence and inclusiveness in examination related activities.

2) Office Model

3) Staffing

The Examination Branch is headed by the Controller of Examinations. He discharges his duties under the directions of the Principal. He is responsible for making all arrangements necessary for holding examinations and declaration of results.

The Controller of Examinations is being assisted by one Deputy Controller of examinations,. These officers are being assisted by Examination Superintendent, Computer Data Operators, First Divisional Assistant, Second Division Assistant, Stenographer, Typist, Helpers and Peons.

4) Structure and Functions

The Examination Branch, mainly deals with the conduct of examinations, declaration of the results and issuance of certificates, grade cards, PDC’s and other exam related certificates.

For the purpose of simplification, smooth and easier functioning, the work of Examination is divided into following three parts, on functional basis:

· Pre-Examination work.
· Examinations and Preparation of Results.
· Post Examination work.

Pre-Examination Work

It is basically related to preparation of schedule of Examinations, formulating the list of Paper-setters, Examiners, External Reviewers, to appoint Vigilance Squad, Appointment of Examination Chief Superintendent and sub-ordinates, Preparation of Examinations Events of all the Examinations (Time-Table), fixing of venue of Semester End Examinations, seating arrangements of students; making all arrangements for conduct of examinations etc.

Examination and Preparation of Results

· It is mainly related to appoint of deputy chiefs, invigilators, relieving superintendents, and non teaching staff like water boys, Attenders etc and arrangement for Vigilance Squads to visit various examinations venues.

· To make arrangement to collect the answer-books from the various examination venues and to send it to the venue of the evaluation center.

· To receive the report of the Malpractices (Unfair means) cases reported by the room invigilators and vigilance squads from the examination centers.

· To receive the practical examinations marks-lists from the concerned Chairmen of the departments, Examination Centers
· To carry out the work of assessment of answer-books.
· To process the result on computers/manually.
· To declare the results of various examinations.
· To send the result sheets etc. to the department concerned.

Post Examination work

· After the declaration of the results, will receive the appeal redressal forms from the students and to make the arrangement for appeal redressal of answer books and to send the result of appeal redressal results to the department/students.
· To make the arrangement for printing and distribution of grade cards.
· Issue duplicate grade cards, transcripts, Rank Certificates, consolidated grade cards and etc

· To deal with the cases of Examination Malpractices (Unfair means), lapses on the part of the students and staffs respectively
· To issue revised grade cards on the basis of change in appeal redressal etc.

· To make available the statistical/other examination information to the Principal’s office and to the Academic Council and Governing Council of the college, when required.

5) Services Offered
Certificates Issued by the Examination Section and procedures to be followed carefully:

1. Grade Cards: After announcement of the results, the examination section shall send all lower semester printed and laminated grade cards to respective departments and final semester grade cards shall be sent to office of the principal for the dispatch to the students.

2. Duplicate Grade Cards: Duplicate grade cards will be issued as per request by the student
The Following requirements to be fulfilled by the student:
· A Copy of the Police complaint regarding how the original grade card was lost
· An Affidavit on Rs20/- Stamp paper giving details of USN, Semester, Month and Year of Exam.
· Fee Challan is made available at Examination section and Fee of Rs 500/- + Rs 100/- per semester, per grade card, payable to the “Principal” at the Punjab National Bank, SJCE Campus Branch, Mysuru 570006

3. Provisional Degree Certificate: Provisional Degree Certificate is issued as per request made by the students
The Following requirements to be fulfilled by the student:
· A Filled Application should be given by the candidate (See Downloads)
· Enclose photocopies of all the grade cards of the programme
· Fee Challan is made available at Examination section and Fee of Rs 1000.00 to be paid at the Punjab National Bank, SJCE Campus, Mysuru 570006
· Incomplete application are not accepted

4. Consolidated Grade Cards: Consolidated Grade card is issued as per request made by the student
The Following requirements to be fulfilled by the student:
· A Filled Application should be given by the candidate (See Downloads)
· Enclose photocopies of all the grade cards of the semester /programme
· Fee Challan is made available at Examination section and fee to be paid at the Punjab National Bank, SJCE Campus, Mysuru 570006
· Rs 500.00 for each semester consolidated grade card
· Rs 1000.00 for all semesters consolidated grade card
· Only One Consolidated Grade card per semester will be issued to a candidate
· Incomplete application are not accepted

5. Official Transcripts: Official Transcripts are issued as per request made by the student
The Following requirements to be fulfilled by the student:
· Application to be submitted by the student or student’s representative. (see downloads)
· Photo Copy of the entire semester grade cards of the programme is absolutely necessary
· Fee Challan to be collected from the Examination Office, 1st copy is Rs 500.00 is charged and subsequent copies Rs 300.00 per each transcripts is charged and payable at Punjab Nation Bank, SJCE Mysuru
· In case,
§ The student expects the postal arrangement; postal fees shall to be paid at the time of submitting the application, along with a self addressed envelope.
§ In the absence of the student, authorization letter is necessary at the time of receiving the transcripts. The Identity card should be produced at the time of receiving the documents.
· Incomplete information in application and photocopies of grade cards are not accepted

6. For Verification of Documents: For Verification of any certificate issued by the examination section
· A Request Application to be sent by the concerned agencies.
· Photo Copies of Provision Degree certificate or Transcript or Consolidated Grade Card or Course Completion Letter is necessary
· Demand Draft of Rs 500.00 per copy in favor of “Principal, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysuru”, Payable at Punjab National Bank, SJCE, Mysuru has to send for verification.
· Three full working days are necessary to verifying process.
· Incomplete application is not accepted.
· Application without DD cannot be considered.

7. Degree certificate: It is issued by the Visvesvaraya Technology University, Belagavi, Karnataka, College shall make necessary arrangements after the convocation to issue the degree certificates at the Principal’s Office.

8. Duplicate Degree Certificates: The duplicate degree certificates are issued by the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka

Further information visit: http://www.vtu.ac.in/

Note: For Issuance of Duplicate Grade Card, Provisional Degree Certificate, Consolidated Grade Card and Official Transcripts, duration of 6 to 10 days (Excluding Public Holidays and Sundays) are required for processing the request.