SJCE students are participating in the reconfigurable and shared use mobility system (RSMS) II phase. This competition will be held in Cincinnati, USA during July 2016. 10 students are working with PESIT, Michigan State University in Team 6 under the guidance of Mr. V.Basavaraju, Dr. R.Srinidhi and the mentor is Dr. V.Ramesh.

Further, 8 students have applied for PACE CONNECTED MOBILITY SOLUTIONS design project competition 2016 under the guidance of Dr. K.Chandrashekara. Further, students are being encouraged to write technical papers, posters to be presented in the PACE Annual Forum.

SJCE is in the process of procuring NX 10 version software and 5 seats of NX learning advantage. Initial approvals are made by the PACE authorities and will be loaded to the workstations by January 2016.

Automobile assemblies of various car engines are being supplied by General Motors Bangalore from the PACE initiative. These models will be helpful in carrying out study projects in the field of Automotive Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Sciences branches.

In the year 2015, “iREACTOR” project won the II prize in the Collaborative Innovative Challenge competition in University of São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The students involved in this project were Aniketh Mohan Rao, Abhiram Madenur Venkatesha, Suraj Handithavalli Purushothama and Vadiraja Mysore Nagendra. This project was guided by Dr.K.Chandrashekara and mentored by Dr. V. Ramesh and Prof. V.Basavaraj.

“A Comparative FEM Analysis of Tribological and strength characteristics of composites of PF and ER matrices reinforced with GF and other filler materials with commercially available Brake pads” Won the III prize for outstanding poster preparation and presentation. The students involved in this project were Vadiraja M N and Mohan Kumar. This project was guided by Dr.K.Chandrashekara and mentored by Dr. V. Ramesh and Prof. V.Basavaraj.

In addition, 1 CIC project, 02 CIC poster presentations and 02 Technical paper poster presentations were presented by SJCE in the Global Forum, which consists of 65 globally recognized PACE institutions from all around the world, five of which are located in India.

A total of 05 students participated in the Siemens NX Basic certification training program in the forum and Srikanth of I&P and Mohammad Anshad of Mechanical Engineering cleared the NX Certification exam and they were awarded the Basic NX trainer certificates by Siemens PLM software, USA.

Further, the students of SJCE who participated in RSMS (Reconfigurable Shared use Mobility System) project as TEAM 6 with other universities namely PES University, Bangalore, MSRUAS, Bangalore, Wuhan University of Technology, China, Michigan Technological University, USA and ITAM, Mexico prepared a prototype model of RSMS which is a four wheeler vehicle with the provision of reconfigurable and shared use mobility system.

SJCE students Srinidhi Bukkapatanam, Nikhil Somashekar Murthy, Vijayeendra Rao Harnall Padmanabh, Suraj Handithavalli Purushothama and Srikanth Nanjundaswamy participated in this project. RSMS project was sponsored fully by General Motors and PACE consortium. This project was guided by Prof. V.Basavaraj and Dr.R.Srinidhi and mentored by Dr. V. Ramesh.

SJCE PACE Coordinator Prof. Basavaraj. V along with project mentor Dr.K.Chandrashekara with 13 students of SJCE attended the PACE global forum and received these awards.

SJCE-PACE ADMINISTRATOR, Dr. Syed Shakeeb Ur Rahman and SJCE-PACE Integrator Dr. V. Ramesh congratulated the teams of SJCE for their achievement in the forum and remarked that the students of SJCE have made the college very proud in the Golden Jubilee Year of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering. This is a very happy moment for the institution as this is 5th consecutive time that SJCE has excelled at the forum.

PACE 2016 - Winners

(L-R) Prof. Basavaraj. V and Dr. K. Chandrashekara receiving the award from Dr. Delia J. Valles – Rosales, Professor,New Mexico State University along with the students.