To excel in Polymer engineering education and research, to serve as valuable resource for multi-faceted industry and society.


• To provide well balanced curriculum and conducive environment to excel in polymer and allied engineering disciplines.

• To promote cutting edge polymer research by offering state-of-the-art facilities.

• To undertake collaborative projects for long term interactions with academia and industries.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

Graduates receiving the Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer Science and Technology will be able to-

• PSO1 (Macromolecules): Apply the basic concepts of chemistry, physics, structure-property relationship and thermodynamics of macromolecules to design novel polymeric materials and composites

• PSO2 (Rheology): Apply the knowledge of transport process to solve rheological issues in polymer processing and mold design.

• PSO3 (Quality Control): Apply the knowledge of polymer testing and characterization for quality control.

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs):

• PEO1: Provide graduates with strong fundamentals of science and engineering for a successful career in Polymer Science & Technology.

• PEO2: Enable graduates for higher education and innovative research to solve multidisciplinary issues.

• PEO3: Equip graduates with technical skills and moral values for being responsible individuals.

Program Specific Criteria (PSC):

• PSC1: Apply chemistry, physics to understand structure, properties, rheology, processing, performance of polymeric materials systems, for selection and design of suitable components and process to address the concerned issues.

• PSC2: Career development of members through research, consultancy and professional activities.

• PSC3: Provide collaborative learning opportunities through professional societies, industries, institutes and alumni fraternity for promoting PST education along with professional growth of associated individuals.


Head of the department: Dr. Siddaramaiah

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