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“Seeks to become a universally well known academic centre for teaching, learning, research and innovation in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.”

• Impart quality education with an emphasis on basic principles of Computer Science and Engineering.

• Inculcate advancements in curriculum and pedagogy to enhance teaching and learning process.

• Foster research and collaboration with premier institutions and industries.

• Promote innovation and entrepreneurship for the betterment of society.

PEO1: Excel in professional career across industries and institutes that emphasizes on innovation and problem solving.

PEO2: Collaborate successfully with peers, colleagues and organizations.

PEO3: Work as ethical and responsible members of the computing profession and society.

PSO-1: Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to apply standard practices and mathematical methodologies to solve computational tasks, model real world problems in the areas of database systems, system software, web technologies and Networking solutions with an appropriate knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms

PSO-2: Knowledge of Computer Systems: An understanding of the structure and working of the computer systems with performance study of various computing architectures

PSO-3: Successful Career and Entrepreneurship: The ability to get acquaintance with the state of the art software technologies leading to entrepreneurship and higher studies.

PSO-4: Computing and Research Ability: Ability to use knowledge in various domains to identify research gaps and to provide solution to new ideas leading to innovations.