Our vision is to be a leader in providing globally acceptable education in electronics and communication engineering with emphasis on fundamentals-to-applications, creative-thinking and career-building


1. To provide best infrastructure and up-to- date curriculum with a conducive learning environment.

2. To nurture a team of highly motivated and competent faculty with added interest in collaborative and research activities.

3. To establish strong industry participation and encourage student entrepreneurship

4. To promote socially relevant and eco-friendly technologies and inculcate inclusive innovation activities


1. To impart students with strong Engineering fundamentals in core subjects of E&C , with adequate orientation to mathematics and basic sciences.

2. To empower students to properly formulate, critically analyze, efficiently design and thus be able to provide innovative solutions in E&C, for real life problems taking into account environmental and societal needs

3. To give adequate exposure to emerging technologies and cutting edge research areas in Engineering through industry interaction and to inculcate among students, professional and ethical values, effective communication skills, team work and leadership qualities.

4. To nurture required skill sets to enable students to pursue successful professional career in industry, higher education, research and entrepreneurship


1. Analyze, design and provide engineering solutions in the areas of analog and digital circuits and systems

2. Understand mathematical modeling techniques, nurture analytical and computational skills to provide engineering solutions in the areas of communication, signal processing, controls and networking with a scope for innovative practices.

3.Ability to realize the importance of industry challenges, professional ethics, environmental issues, management principles, entrepreneurship, societal obligations and continuing education


1.Gain a clear understanding of fundamental engineering concepts to pursue
undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

2.Ability to identify, formulate and provide innovative solutions for complex engineering problems with substantiated interpretations

3.Posses effective skills related to technical documentation and presentation

4.Ability to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams, exhibit leadership qualities leading to .understanding the principles of management and finance in relation to engineering projects

5.Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for E&C discipline

6.Gain adequate technical and theoretical background on programming techniques to pursue careers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT.)

7.Ability to apply reasoning to assess health, safety, societal and legal issues related
to electronic system design,

8. Ability to demonstrate professional ethics and responsibilities

9.Ability to keep pace with developments in E&C engineering , and recognizing the need to engage in lifelong learning

10.Ability to understand the significance of sustainable technologies through management of e-waste, renewable energy and related green technologies